What could CS at any point GO fans anticipate from Aleksib’s new group

One of the greatest news this year when it came to the CS GO people group was the exchange of Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen from OG to G2 Esports. Be that as it may, when you consider how great G2 Esports is, the change is very reasonable. With this group, Aleksi will be one of the competitors to win the current year’s CS GO occasion. That is something the skilled player longed for. Yet, what might we at any point anticipate from Aleksi and his new group? These are the things you ought to be aware.

Awesome beginning in Katowice

Any reasonable person would agree that IEM Katowice is one of the greatest CSGO competitions of the year and is the greatest in the spring. The all-out prize cash for the competition was $1 million USD, with the victor getting $400,000. This is a lot higher price than different occasions offer CS GO players.

Without a doubt, Aleksi and his G2 group didn’t take the title, yet they were second and that is a brilliant outcome. As a prize, they got $180,000. This implies that G2 is a group that will win numerous CS GO occasions from now on. Assuming you love wagering on esports, ensure you track down the compensation and play gambling club that offers you the chance to bet your cash on CS GO occasions. Aleksi and his new group will be a decent wagered choice.

Aleksi was disheartened with the outcome

In spite of the fact that G2 had a brilliant outcome in Katowice, Aleksi was frustrated. That simply demonstrates that he has the mentality of a genuine boss. Despite the fact that he hasn’t come out on top for a significant championship in his CS GO vocation, the capable Aleksi will have a brilliant chance to do so this year with his new group. After the occasion in Katowice, he said that he was frustrated, yet that he was grateful for the new group. They appear to be joined together and CS GO devotees can anticipate beneficial things from this group.

What’s next for Aleksi

The main occasion this year for Aleksi is most certainly IEM Cologne. That occasion is planned to happen July 5-17 of that month. Obviously, before that occasion, Aleksi will have the valuable chance to play in other CS GO occasions. That will be great groundwork for the IEM in Cologne.

The following occasion Aleksi will play in is IEM Dallas, what begins on June 3. This occasion has an award pool of $250,000. From that point, Aleksi and G2 will contend in the Impact Debut Spring Finals on June 15. Savants say those three occasions will show us in the event that Aleksi and G2 are a solid match.

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